Volume 10

Volume 10 is the only kit we offer that is mail order only. There is no download option for this kit.

Featuring 18 races over short, medium and long distances races are presented in groups of 6 races at a time, simply navigate to the next set of races when needed. This enables you to run through your event as quickly or slowly as you like.

A new edition to our DVDs is the inclusion of a special "bonus race" screen. You have the choice to run this race or not depending on your event type. We have had many comments in the past at the possibility for a bonus race that can be run at the end of an event and give fund raising efforts that one last push.

Sometimes not everyone attending your event will participate heavily in fund raising, but by including this last race we are confident that everyone will have a go and contribute to those all important funds.

DVD Kit Contents

18 Races over short, mid & long distance
Full DVD menu system
On screen winners notification

18 x Race & data sheet
4 x A4 Full colour posters
18 x Predictor Sheets
Payout Calculator master

Race & DataSheet Predictor Sheet
Payout Calculator Poster


All race sheets and posters for downloads / mail order are provided via email in PDF file format.


Race Images & Screen Shots


Video Clip Sample

Please note that this video sample is the style of race offered within this individual race kit. For ease of playback within your browser the quality and size of the clip has been massively reduced. This clip does not represent the much higher quality that is provided in the actual downloads.
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