Volume 11

This is a great kit if you have been left in charge of organising your very first race night event. It comes with a range of sheets and information that will help you get the most out your event and help you raise as much money as possible.

The sheets that are included with the kit also help you keep an eye on the tickets or bets sold so that you cant over sell tickets resulting in you loosing money.

DVD Kit Contents

DVD with 15 mixed races.

Menu system allowing you to run the event at a pace to suit your event.
On screen pre-race screens and winners notification.

15 x Race Sheet
15 x Tick Sheet (like a lottery ticket)
2 x A5 poster
Payout Calculator master sheet

Download Options

15 Mixed race distances
A4 Poster
A4 Race sheet
Tick sheet
Payout Calculator

Race Sheet Poster Tick Sheet
Payout Calculator  


All race sheets and posters for downloads / mail order are provided via email in PDF file format.

Race Images & Screen Shots


Video Clip Sample

Purchase Options

Mail Order Items Only - your order will be delayed if you do not include any postage payment.

Please note that this video sample is the style of race offered within this individual race kit. For ease of playback within your browser the quality and size of the clip has been massively reduced. This clip does not represent the much higher quality that is provided in the actual downloads.