Volume 13

Volume 13 follows in the same theme as V12 with 9 mid distance races. As with all things in life not all fund raising or charity events are the same. Some people only have a set amount of time to raise as much cash as they can, whilst others can have almost a full day at it. For this reason V13 is just a cut down version of V12 but with completely different races.

This kit is also a great starter kit if you have never organised a race ngith before, sheets included are designed to help you raise money easily and also to keep an eye on your fund vs winnings so you can clearly see what monies you have raised and what monies are for the prize fund.




Sample Race Video & Included Sheet Images

Payout Calculator

Download This Kit For Use In Future

9 middle distance races in Windows media format. These are downloaded in zip format for easy file download. Race Sheet, Jackpot Sheet, Poster, Predictor Sheet and Payout Calculator all of these are provided in PDF format for you to print as many as you need either at home to send to printshop.