Volume 21

Volume 21 is also the only kit we offer that features advance runners screen and individual screens for each runner showing 6 previous race data. The race data is acurate to the runners in the race - with the dogs real identity changed.

After the race a full race results screen is displayed clearly indicating the winner and also the full finishing order.

The kit has been designed for anyone looking to run a large race night event where time is not an issue. The running time for each race is around 1.5min, however you have the option to pause each screen so that your guests can view the individual runners screens over a longer time frame. With this in mind the running time of each race should be set to 10 - 15mins if you allow 2mins to view each screen etc.

The kit also comes with a basic race program containing all the race runners and also space in the programm for you to add adverts from local businesses who have sponsored your event.

Download This Kit For Use In Future

9 mixed distance races in Windows media format. These are downloaded in zip format for easy file download.

Race Sheet, Jackpot Sheet, Poster, Predictor Sheet and Payout Calculator all of these are provided in PDF format for you to print as many as you need either at home to send to printshop.

Sample Race Video & Included Sheet Images

Race & Data
 9 Race
Tick Sheet
Tote Ticket
Payout Calculator
Fun Money
10 Notes per A4 Sheet 
Basic Race