Volume 2.2

This kit features the same races as V2 but with the inclusion of the pre-race screen featuring advance runners with simple betting and is available only as a mail order dvd.

DVD Kit Contents

DVD featuring 20 races over sprint and 4 bend distance. Menu system to ensure you dont re-run any races accidentally.

On screen race indicator and winners result, so your guests can clearly see what race is being run and the final result.

Blank tick sheets
A5 Poster


All race sheets and posters for downloads / mail order are provided via email in PDF file format.



Race Images & Screen Shots


Video Clip Sample

Purchase Options

Mail Order Items Only - your order will be delayed if you do not include any postage payment.
Please note that this video sample is the style of race offered within this individual race kit. For ease of playback within your browser the quality and size of the clip has been massively reduced. This clip does not represent the much higher quality that is provided in the actual downloads.