Volume 4

This is our first kit produced that features race commentary. This is based on the trap / jacket number of the dogs and not the dogs real names.

Kits featuring commentary are idea if it is your first time running a race night event and feel you are a bit shy on he mic, as the commentary will provide that additional background atmosphere for your event. Usually most poeple are cheering their dog to win so they wont hear the commentary but it add the extra feel of realism to your event.

Download Kit Contents

20 Races with commentary

On screen race indicator and winners result, so your guests can clearly see what race is being run and the final result.

Race sheet masters

A5 Poster master so you can print off as many posters as you like and advertise your event all over town.

Races provided in WMV - Windows Media Video format that will play as standard on any PC, laptop, xbox, ps3 or portable device capable of playing wmv files.

All race sheets and posters for downloads / mail order are provided via email in PDF file format.

Sample Race Video & Included Sheet Images

      Mail Order DVD £10.00