Single race downloads

We have a selection of racing from our archive available as instant race download. These races have been prepared ready for you to run as part of your race night event. You can run them direct from a laptop/pc, put them on a dvd / memory stick and run in any WMV or DiVX player or externally from devices such as PSPs, Archos and other portable media devices.

If you own an iPad / ipod v4 & iPhone v4 psp or any Tablet PC and would like the races converting to fit your device please advise us of either your device or file format you want the races in and we will convert them for you.

To Order simply choose the quantity of races you require, then pay safely and securely on your credit, debit card or paypal account.

If you require single downloads fo any quantity please use the drop down box below, this will open up the shopping cart and you can them amend the amound of races you require within your chosen price range.

If you only want 10 races do not choose 50+ races at £1.50 - this will only slow your order process down while additional funds are requested.

As it shows below "between 1 - 5 races" will cost you £3 per race. If you want 2 races you will choose this option and pay £6... etc etc

Number Of Races Required

Supporting you through your event

Not everyone is in the position where they are running a race night event for the 10th time or that they have been passed on the role by another person who they have been helping for a while - for most organising a fund raising race ngiht event can seem a bit of a daunting task, but it doesnt have to, all you need is plenty of planning (where possible) and the sense to take your time and make you you know what you want to acheive and the reason why.

What kind of races do we sell?

We have a wide selection of races available to you for download, thse races are the same stock that we use in our DVD option - incidentally our races are used only once. You will not find duplicates of our races online as well as on the DVDs unless you are downloading an online verion of the DVD in which case this will be clearly indicated in the purchase options for that particular DVD.

Greyhound racing comes in a few different types - Handicapped [staggered traps] and Level Break [level traps]. Now as well as these 2 types of races races also come in 3 race distances, 250m | 420m & 590m. If you have any particular preference to any style then you can specify this at the point of perchase. This is only available when purchasing individual races as races contained on the DVDs are either mixed or of one type.

The different types of racing.

Level break - dogs run even start Handicapped - dogs run staggered start


I want to run a race night for my son's football club, what do i need?

If you are wishing to raise funds for a club such as Junior Football Club, Church Hall, Local School etc etc you will already have a posse of poeple that will be able to help you and the starts of a good attendance for your event. Once you have arranged a venue thats the part that most people find the hardest part over.

If you can have the hire of the venue for free, most pubs will do this because they will benefit from proceeds taken over the bar during the event. You can also come to some agreement with the landlord about making a small entracnce charge for people coming to the event.

The next part and probably the most important is to decide realistically how much money you would like to raise or a figure that you think you can achieve.

I have a venu, what is the best kit for me?

If you venue is a good size and you are confident that you will get a good attendance to your event a good choice for a first bash at holding a fund raising event would be Volume 4. This has 20 races on and features race commentary [by trap number only]. This DVD is great if you not the type to get up and compare the event then the race commentary on the DVD will add a little bit of atmosphere.

The main purpose of holding the event is to raise money for your chosen casue. All our kits come with sheets that allow you to sell advertising to local businesses by getting them to sponsor a race - for this small fee [most charge between £5 - £10] the business get cheap advertising within the community, whilst adding funds towards your cause. These race sheets can then be used to sell individual dogs names to friends and family, again you can charge what you like but the average sale is £1 or £2 per dog.

With this money already mounting up before your event has begun you could have already raised over £300 based on advertising of £10 x 20 races and 60 dogs names sold for £2 each.

Legally what do i have to tell people attending my fund raising event?

The Law states that you must run your race night within the stipulated guidelines. You must also make it known in any pre-advertising and also at the start of the event exactly why you are running the race night and what you are raising funds for.

If you are taking bets during your race night you also need to make it clear before you start exaclty how much from your takings will be set aside for your casue and how mcuh will be given back in prize money. A good rule of thumb is 50 - 50 but if your guests are all keen on raising muney for the cause and you can take larger bets you can increase % for the casue to 60%.

For more information please read the leaflet via the link below..

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