Subscription Area

During the past 6 months we have had increasing requests for a multi-purchase option. We have given this much thought and have decided upon a subscription based service where you can get access to the kits you choose anytime you choose for a discounted price.

One of the reasons why we have decided to run this service was a request from a pub landlord who wanted to be able to add race night services to his pub so he could provide this service to charities and clubs trying to raise money. He would be able to offer not only a licenced venue for the event but also a choice of product to his customers could choose from.

We thought that this was a great way for pubs and clubs to add to their bows another service as in this economic time we all need a helping hand. The race night centre have always ensured that our products are cheap and offer the fund raiser an absolute minimum spend whilst giving them the maximum opportunity to raise as much money as possible.

We will even design you posters for you to print and display in your pub offering this service for you if you wish, all free and detailed with your pubs logos, name and contact details.

So welcome to our subscriptions area.
This service will allow you to instantly get access to all of the race products when ever and however often you choose. If you feel you would like more products even upgrading is easy - simply pay the different from your current subscription to the next.

Options To Suit You

Through our general use of the internet over the 15yr or so we have seen subscriptions increase in availability, however in the main there is just generally a flat fee for a single product - that the vendor hope you will forget about and let the next years subscription roll over whilst you forget.

We have given this much thought and through personal experience we didnt want this to happen to any of our customers. Our subscription service will not be a recurring payment. You will be able to purchase the options that you choose now and nearing the end of your payment period we will send you a short email informing you that your service will end soon and if you want it to continue you can purchase a follow on subscription if you choose. You are under no obligation to continue at all.


Access Races As Often As You Like

Being in control of when you access your races is very important to us and via the subscription area you can login as and when you choose. So running an event in the evening after making a decision mid day is now within your grasp.

Subscription Area Race Playback Area

YouTube Streaming

In order to maintain complete playback compatability across all the devices we decided to move all our video streaming options across to YouTube. Everything and anything we have today seems to be able to connect to the internet and stream videos in some form or another. Using YouTube we feel happy knowing that you will be able to view all of our products regardless of whether you are accessing a direct webpage or a dedicated app on your device.

In order to use our subscription service you must have a YouTube account. This is totally free if you dont already have one. the reason for this account is all our subscription videos are secure and you will need to be logged in to your YouTube account in order to view them.


What You Get, How Long For & The Cost.

We have 4 price options available for you based on the time frames for some of our regular customers, these are a short 6 months package that will suit anyone running events during summer months. These can include bars and clubs abroad that will have a short "holiday" based useage. We then have a 12 month package with a smaller product range, we think this would suit anyone who wants to run regular fund raising but wants to keep the costs as low as possible to see how things go, we then have the full monty package that has access to all our products for the full 12 months.

Apart from the 1st & 3rd packages our other 2 packages give you scope to add the products you think would benefit you and the ideas you have for using them. You are given access to our 2 top kits which on their own would cost you £55, you can then choose several other kits to add to this depending on your package choice. Options are shown below.

Package 1 - 4 Months access - Any 5 Kits - £40.00

This package is aimed solely at anyone offering events that will run through the summer months and will in future be available from July through to the end of October. However as a launch offer this kit will be availalbe to purchase now for the same price, basically giving you a few free weeks.

Package 2 - 6 Months access  - 2 Chosen Kits Plus 5 Kits of Your Choice - £70.00

Your package will include Volumes 21 & 23 (without commentary) as standard. These 2 kits come with a wide range of supported materials such as Tote tickets, Predictor, Tick & Race Data sheets, blank advertising poster as well as a Payout calculator and most importantly a mini program so you can add an additional element of a real race night.

You can then add any 5 other kits to your package that you would like to choose, there are no restrictions to waht you would like to add at all.

Package 3 - 12 Months access - 2 Chosen Kits Plus 9 Kits of Your Choice - £100.00

As standard you get Volumes 21 & 23 (without commentary, details above - you can then add a further 8 kits of your choice bringing your total to 11 kits that you can access any time of the day for a full 12 months.

All of the above packages can be upgraded at any time, additional kits will cost £5 and will be added to your account page upon purchase notification and will run until the end of your subscription time. For example if you only have 1 month left you will get access to the new kit for this time until your subscription ends. Should you wish to purchase an additional kit within 2 weeks of your subscription ending and then continue your subscription this additional kit will be kept within your package for the duration of the next subscription.

Package 4 - Events Orgainser - £250.00

This is the full monty of package options, you have complete access to all of our kits for a full 12 months. Basically this kit will allow you to offer the ultimate in choice for anyone wishing to raise funds for any cause large or small. Having access to all kits means that you can run events as much as you like throughout the year and have enough choice not to be running the same kit too soon. As an event organiser running your own business this option also give you the option for us to design your posters for events inclusive. There are many many people who need someone to take control of there event for them and with our package you could be the person to step in to this much needed job.

Please check back soon for access early 2016